This unique product will store all your litter picking equipment plus more safely onsite, simply add your own combination lock to the protected hasp and staple, a method designed by the police for knife amnesty bins

Each toolbox can be tailored to your specific requirements 

  • Toolbox only
  • 50/50 toolbox and litter bin
  • 50/50 toolbox/storage box
  • 4 x Optional internal advertising panels 

The parks toolbox

  • The choice of stored equipment is yours, its designed to store a minimum of 6 standard litter pickers or kids pickers within the door behind the bungee ropes, however you could store more inside if you wish. The bag hoops of approx 430mm in size, the ones that take a full size bin liner and not the smaller versions. Black bags go on the top shelf “if you’re using a roll load it in from the litter bin side” you have a spare council key to open the litter compartment

    Other suggestions:sharps box-6x6x6 flat pack glass boxes-cleaning spray & cloth for bin hygiene-dustpan & brush for broken glass-hand sanitizer-spare dog bags. I hear some volunteers are even leaving wrapped sweets inside for the next volunteer